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In the struggle for power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have significantly expanded their offensive. The Islamists captured the city of Kunduz in the province of the same name in the north of the country on Sunday. Kunduz Provincial Council, Ghulam Rabani Rabani, confirmed corresponding Taliban statements Süddeutsche Zeitung On Sunday. “The city of Kunduz, including all amenities for the province, has fallen into the hands of the Taliban,” he said. Only in a corner of the city do security forces resist. A citizen of Kunduz, who insisted on anonymity, confirmed the information.

Kunduz, part of the Bundeswehr’s area of ​​operations, had already fallen to the Taliban and could be recaptured by the security forces. According to information from Kabul, a counter-offensive by government forces had begun on Sunday. Since the West largely conducted its operation in Afghanistan, the Taliban have expanded their influence at a tremendous rate. They control more than half of the country. They have ignored calls from the United Nations, the European Union and the US to end violence against civilians.

The US embassy in Kabul last weekend urged all US citizens to leave the country immediately. Before the fall of Kunduz, three provincial capitals had fallen into the hands of the Taliban. On Friday, they also announced that they had shot a government spokesman in Kabul. On Tuesday, they carried out an attack on the home of the Minister of Defense, which killed 13 people.

Federal Government ‘Has Completely Lost Its Moral Compass’

Meanwhile, outrage is aroused by the way the federal government treats its local staff, the Afghans who have helped the German Armed Forces, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Aid and the Ministry of the Interior with their work in the country – as interpreters , driver or cooks. After the withdrawal of the Bundeswehr, they fear revenge from the Taliban. According to the federal government, at the end of July, people had 2,851 ready-made documents before their departure. arrived in Germany.

Marcus Grotian, chairman of the Afghan Local Workers Sponsorship Network, accused the German government of having “completely lost its moral compass”. Numerous local employees were still waiting for their visa process to begin. Wolfgang Hellmich (SPD), chairman of the defense commission, also criticized the federal government. He sees the helpers “at the mercy” of the Taliban. He told the SZ: “What is this absurd idea that the families are on the road, controlling the procedure and booking the flights themselves? When I look at the map, I see how the Taliban surround the cities.”

According to ZDF, German diplomats recently met with the Taliban political leadership in Doha. The Taliban had given assurances that they would work to protect the local workers. According to the broadcaster, the Germans do not trust the insurance.

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