Corona worldwide: more than 8500 new infections in Israel

The number of new corona infections reported daily in Israel has skyrocketed to more than 8,500. The Ministry of Health recorded 8,646 new cases for the previous day on Tuesday, the highest since late January. The number has been below 6,000 in recent days. The number of seriously ill people rose to 559. This is the highest value since mid-March. 13 people with a corona infection died.

Israel has been trying for about two weeks to combat the massive increase in the number of infected people with a third corona vaccination. More than a million Israelis have been vaccinated for the third time, according to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office. People over the age of 50 are now getting a booster vaccination. You do not need to have had your second vaccination until at least five months ago.

Overall, more than 58 percent of Israel’s 9.4 million people have been double-vaccinated. The vaccination campaign was very successful in the beginning and attracted international attention. However, the numbers are now only increasing slowly. According to Prime Minister Bennett, there are more than a million Israelis who could be vaccinated but don’t. (17.08.2021)

Turkey is a high risk area

Due to increased corona infections, Turkey is now a risk area from a German perspective. In the middle of the holiday season, different rules have been in effect since midnight for people arriving from the country, which is popular with tourists, according to a report from the Robert Koch Institute. Participants who have not recovered or been vaccinated must be quarantined for ten days after return – from the fifth day this can be ended with a negative corona test. For children under the age of twelve, the quarantine obligation automatically ends after five days, according to the website of the Ministry of Health.

The federal government made the decision last week to classify it as a risk area – about a month and a half after the travel warning was lifted for all of Turkey. It is now valid again.

The number of corona cases in Turkey rose rapidly at the end of July and currently more than 20,000 new cases are officially registered daily. In July there were still about 7,000 a day In comparison, about 2126 new cases were reported in Germany on Monday – with a similar population. At the beginning of July, Turkey relaxed the corona measures considerably: for example, no exit bans were lifted on weekdays and weekends, the catering industry reopened, marriages and similar parties with guests are allowed again. (17.08.2021)

Report: US recommends booster vaccination after eight months

According to a newspaper report, Americans should be able to receive a booster vaccination eight months after the last corona vaccination. This reports the New York Times referring to government circles. The so-called boosters will be offered to those who have been vaccinated as early as mid-September. The decision will be announced later this week. (17.08.2021)

No mandatory quarantine after contact with infected people in England

Contacts of people infected with corona in England and Northern Ireland no longer need to be quarantined once they have been fully vaccinated. Instead, they should do a PCR test, under the new UK government guidelines, which came into effect on Monday. However, the test is not mandatory.

Similar rules already apply in Scotland and Wales. Quarantine rules are also being relaxed for minors, which should have a significant impact on school operations after the summer holidays. Health researcher Stephen Reicher said the government should continue to encourage the population to take PCR tests after contact with infected people. “You are not invulnerable if you are double vaccinated, there is still a certain risk of getting infected and infecting others,” he told the BBC.

The British government hopes the easing will end the “pingdemic”: in recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have been “pinged” or otherwise notified and quarantined after contacting corona-infected people via the Corona app. This led to massive staff shortages in many areas – such as garbage collection, truck drivers or catering. (16.08.2021)

US is becoming a high-risk area

Due to the increasing number of corona infections, the US is now a risk area in Germany. Those coming from the United States who have not been vaccinated or recovered have been quarantined for five to 10 days since Sunday. The same arrangement now applies to Israel, Kenya, Montenegro, Vietnam and two French overseas territories. Portugal, on the other hand, is being removed from the risk list, with the exception of the Algarve, which is especially popular with tourists, and the capital Lisbon.

Fully vaccinated and recovered travelers from risk areas are exempt from the quarantine obligation. Everyone else has to isolate themselves after entering the country and can only get rid of it with a negative test after five days.

Countries and regions with a particularly high risk of contamination are classified as risk areas. In the meantime, however, it is no longer only the infection figures that are decisive. Other criteria include the speed at which the virus is spreading, the burden on health care or a lack of data on the corona situation. From Tuesday, Turkey will also be classified as a risk area. (16.08.2021)

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