CSU felt: Gauweiler tips for tax cheaters Hanno Berger – politics

In 2012, the law firm of CSU politician Peter Gauweiler hired his Bundestag office to provide cum-ex-trader Hanno Berger with inside information from the federal government.


Klaus Ott

In his 13 years in the Bundestag, from 2002 to 2015, Peter Gauweiler was always considered particularly stubborn. As someone who preferred to stick to his conscience rather than party and government lines and who even sued his own government in the constitutional court. “Only those who have jobs in addition to politics are as independent as the Basic Law offers,” the CSU man posited as his high legal costs sparked discussions again. Discussions about what MPs are allowed to do and gather alongside. With the reputation of the model parliamentarian that Gauweiler sometimes had, some processes in his office in Munich are difficult to reconcile at the time.

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