New beginnings in the CDU: party leader Armin Laschet under pressure – politics

The rift between the trade union parties deepens, two ministers give up and the young people demand “to get out of the old way of thinking”: the CDU leader, who now wants to initiate a reorganization, is increasingly in turmoil.

Pressure is mounting on CDU boss Armin Laschet to quickly chart the course for a fresh start in his party. This diminishes his chances of leading the Union in a Jamaica coalition with the Greens and the FDP if the traffic light negotiations fail. Ahead of a meeting of the CDU presidency, at which Laschet plans to table a proposal for further action this Monday, two former colleagues of Chancellor Angela Merkel announced their withdrawal, fueling the follow-up debate. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier and Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said they would not accept their mandates in the new Bundestag to make way for younger MPs. “After such a defeat, there must be consequences and renewal for the CDU,” Altmaier said. “The CDU must position itself well for the future,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer.

In addition, the conflict between the CDU and the CSU intensified. The CDU politician Friedrich Merz spoke in a letter to his supporters of a “lower point in our cooperation and our dealings with each other”. He alluded to CSU boss Markus Söder’s lack of support for Chancellor’s candidate Laschet. Not everyone needs to be “completely convinced of every decision at all times,” Merz admitted. The conduct of the CSU in the election campaign is inappropriate for a “civil” party. “That was stylistic, disrespectful and sometimes rowdy,” Merz criticized.

Meanwhile, resistance was building against Laschet’s attempt to control the repositioning of the personnel in his party. “The CDU has largely fallen asleep and is demoralized. Therefore, it is now time for a wake-up call,” according to an article by Junge Union chairman Tilman Kuban and other young CDU politicians for the World on Sunday. The CDU must “get out of the old way of thinking and out of established structures”. It is “not the job of those responsible for the current situation to elect a new chairman”. Instead, “in future it should become much more of a task for the party base to realign our CDU in terms of content and personnel and to determine its course”.

Christian von Stetten, a member of the CDU, a supporter of Söder’s candidacy for chancellor, also questioned Laschet’s authority. “The CDU presidency can force a candidate for chancellor against all polls, against the sister party, against the parliamentary faction and against the party base,” he said. Photo on sunday. But then it must also be able to win elections and form a government. Otherwise, “not only the candidate for chancellor but the entire party presidency will have an acceptance problem and will have to make their offices available”.

In the CSU, however, Markus Söder can no longer act completely undisputed. At a state meeting in Deggendorf, the Junge Union deleted the phrase that “a strong, fresh team behind our strong workhorse Markus Söder” should be formed. In the statement about the processing of the election defeat, there is now only talk of a “fresh team”. Teamwork and not a one-man show is necessary, it said.

Meanwhile, Union polls continue to plummet. According to an Insa poll, the CDU and CSU combined have just 20 percent approval, one percentage point less than in the previous week. The SPD is still at 28 percent.

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