News in the morning – News of July 16, 2021 – Politics

What is important

The number of fatalities from storms rises to at least 58. In West Germany, the storms killed more than 50 people, and many are still missing. The Rurtalsperre slowly overflows. NRW Prime Minister Laschet calls for a “major national effort” to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure. His cabinet is meeting today for an emergency meeting. All developments at a glance. Go to article

Biden: Merkel’s chancellorship has a “historical character”. The German Chancellor is on a farewell visit to Washington DC During what will probably be her last joint press conference, the US president praised her services. There are still differences in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, but according to Foreign Minister Maas, both parties are coming closer together in the search for a compromise. Go to article

How hackers blackmail a neighborhood. Attackers have paralyzed the computer system of the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district, even social assistance cannot be ordered at the moment, not a single email can be sent. District administrator Grabner still refuses to pay ransom. Go to article

The news about the coronavirus

The US wants to decide on access restrictions soon. President Biden has announced that in the coming days he will explain what rules should apply to people from Germany and the EU. Before that, he wanted to wait for the recommendation of his Covid team. Germany has allowed access from the US again. Conversely, strict conditions still apply. To the corona messages from all over the world

The incidence is again rising significantly. According to the RKI, the incidence value on Friday morning was 8.6 – 8.0 the day before. Pediatricians are urging adults to vaccinate to protect children who can’t. To the corona messages from Germany

How the corona vaccination affects menstruation. Heavy blood loss, shifted rhythm: Women keep saying the Covid vaccination has affected their cycle. Doctors and scientists also see a connection – but that’s no cause for concern. To the article (SZ Plus)

Best things

A bottle comes rolled up. In Mecca this year the holy water will be distributed to the pilgrims in self-propelled containers. The Catholic Church could learn a lot from that. Go to article

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