News in the morning – News of October 13, 2021 – Politics

What is important today?

Olaf Scholz as an obstetrician for the worldwide minimum tax in Washington. In the midst of the explorations, the federal Treasury Secretary flies to the US to announce the global agreement on the global minimum tax. For a long time, the tax seemed as hopeless as his candidacy for chancellor. A total of 136 countries are now participating, including all EU countries, the fine print has also been clarified. Finance Minister Scholz played a key role in ensuring that a truly global agreement was reached after years of international negotiations. To the article (SZ Plus)

Participants in the mission in Afghanistan are honored with a large tattoo. On Wednesday evening, in the Republic Square in front of the Reichstag building, the soldiers who were in Afghanistan for the Bundeswehr, in particular the 59 men who lost their lives during this deployment, will be honored. According to protocol, the “Grote Zapfenstreich” is the most important ceremonial of the Bundeswehr. Go to article

N26 – the bank that scammers love. Criminals apparently often use accounts from the smartphone bank N26 to defraud customers of other financial institutions. The Bavarian Volksbanken have therefore now written a letter to the Bafin boss. Go to article

EU wants to defuse energy crisis. The Commission in Brussels has recognized the explosive mix that arises when electricity, petrol and gas prices rise and Europe needs to become greener at the same time. Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson wants to present a kind of toolkit on Wednesday to combat this. Go to article

RKI reports an incidence of 65.4. The day before, the value was 65.8. According to the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, the capacities for spare beds in intensive care units are relatively stable. Go to article

Other important topics of the day:

After the federal elections

Schäuble withdraws from party leadership. Until now, the 79-year-old was a member of the body because he was entitled to do so as President of the Bundestag. Since the head of parliament will in future be occupied by the SPD, Schäuble should have declared his candidacy for the board at the special party conference scheduled for the winter. He renounces that. However, the influential CDU member wants to remain in the Bundestag for the entire term of office. Go to article

Almost a quarter of the SPD MPs in the Bundestag are of Juso age. The left-wing party in the group was not yet so strongly represented. Your votes could be decisive on government issues this time. About a wing that forms itself confidently. To the article (SZ Plus)

On a good road towards the traffic lights. The first rounds of talks between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP show how the three sides can also talk in confidence about hard issues. Jamaica-sounding, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly unlikely. To the video column

Lauterbach for legalization of cannabis. The SPD health expert points out new dangers in the illegal street trade and advocates controlled distribution to adults. Legalization must be laid down in a government agreement. FDP and Greens are in favor of legalizing cannabis and “selling it in licensed specialty stores”. The SPD, on the other hand, according to its election manifesto, has so far only advocated a “regulated charge” for adults in pilot projects. Go to article

Best things

Wheel off. Better than osteopathy: American gamekeepers freed a wapiti deer from a heavy band. The animal had walked through the wilderness with it for two years. Go to article

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