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After the federal elections

Cannabis legalization as a compromise issue? On Wednesday, at least for a short time, there seemed to be an agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP on the subject of drug policy: SPD health expert Lauterbach surprisingly spoke out in favor of including the legalization of cannabis in a possible coalition agreement. The topic hasn’t made it to the negotiating table yet – but a compromise is more likely than many other topics. Go to article

Union crisis: why did Armin Laschet fail? His time as prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia is over, at the federal political level Laschet’s future is uncertain. At the Union in North Rhine-Westphalia they are looking for explanations for the failure of the chancellor candidate. To the article (SZ Plus)

News compact

Exclusive: The law firm of CSU politician Gauweiler used insider political information. The then law firm CSU made use of Gauweiler’s Berlin office of the Bundestag in at least one case to notify a client of a federal government legislative proposal in their favor. In 2012, the law firm Bub, Gauweiler und Partner provided information to the Cum-Ex trader Hanno Berger, who had gone to Switzerland as one of the prime suspects in the Cum-Ex tax scandal and is now in custody for extradition. They apparently flowed through the Union channels. To the article (SZ Plus)

Highest awards for military personnel after deployment in Afghanistan. On this Wednesday, politics symbolically honors the approximately 93,000 German soldiers who have been deployed in Afghanistan since early 2002. 59 of them perished. The entire head of state is present at the Great Zapfenstreich in Berlin, including Federal President Steinmeier, Chancellor Merkel and Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer. To the article (SZ Plus)

Researchers have sharply criticized the company car privilege. Last year, 63 percent of all new cars were registered for commercial purposes, half of which ended up in so-called commercial fleet management: they were therefore mainly used as company cars. The German state offers tax support for the purchase and use of company cars. That leads to a social and ecological imbalance, critics say. Go to article

Warsaw is threatened by von der Leyen

Following the controversial ruling of Poland’s Constitutional Court on the relationship between national law and EU law, EU Commissioner von der Leyen is threatening the country with specific penalties for the first time. The German politician said at a meeting of EU commissioners that an initial analysis of last week’s ruling pointed to very serious problems. Go to article

Gabby Petito has been strangled. The 22-year-old did not return from a US tour with her boyfriend. Her body was found weeks later. Forensics now announces that Petito has been strangled. Go to article

Other important topics of the day

That interested many today

The wonder of the Bohemian Forest. The relief is great: after two days, a forester finds the eight-year-old who had disappeared during a hike in the border area between Bavaria and the Czech Republic. The man who knows the place well is now celebrated as a hero there. Go to article

Once the “Big Four” is completely defeated. Tennis player Alexander Zverev beats Andy Murray to create a career milestone – Murray is noticeably pissed off afterwards. Go to article

“Consumers are facing an expensive winter”. Where consumers in Germany especially feel the rising energy prices. Questions and answers. Go to article

And last but not least

Signal from the GDR. Fat, handsome, with a hat on: the DDR traffic light man is 60 years old. Six birthday facts. Go to article

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