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There is a lot planned in the town hall of Rostock, there is a lot to catch up on. carat, the program includes “Bibi Blocksberg” and “The great hit parade”. Xavier Naidoo is scheduled for August 22, but there is a problem.

Xavier Naidoo has “always been committed to his music, his identity and his independence,” the concert agency wrote in the announcement. “It never stops, but it is always moving.” However, half of city politicians find the recent departure unpleasant. So uncomfortable that she wanted to save the urban stages of Rostock from the singer from Mannheim.

The dispute started a year ago, when there was a long debate about the musician’s racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic statements. Xavier Naidoo was always number one on the charts, he has sold millions of albums, but lately he has especially stood out for his close association with right-wing populists, Reichsburgers and conspiracy stories. He denied climate change, doubted the coronavirus and called the vaccine a poison.

The mayor of Rostock lifts the ban

Other cities also wanted to cancel Naidoo’s concerts, RTL threw him out of a jury. It was now a political showdown on the Baltic Sea. In June 2020, the SPD and Rostock Left demanded not to leave the town hall to this man. Naidoo is an enemy of democracy, a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine. The CDU, FDP, Rostocker Bund and AfD, on the other hand, saw freedom of expression violated. Most Greens abstained, the vote ended at 24:22 against a ban on appearing in town hall.

But in May 2021, the citizenship majority of the SPD, Left and Greens decided on a restraining order for Xavier Naidoo. He opposed the basic liberal-democratic order, which was said to be incompatible with the values ​​of the colorful and cosmopolitan city of Rostock. He is not allowed to appear in the town halls.

But then Danish mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen, nationally known since the pandemic, intervened. He appealed the ban over legal concerns and recalled pending contracts. The vote was again held on Wednesday afternoon, the final score was 20:20 with five abstentions from the Greens. No majority for the motion, Xavier Naidoo can now sing in the town hall of Rostock.

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